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Keep your carpets, rugs, upholstery and tiles looking clean and free of dust, dirt and other allergens. We are local trusted professional rug & carpet cleaners for your home and business.

About Flying

Flying Dutchman Cleaning has been cleaning homes and businesses in the Guelph area since 1953. In January 2024, we opened our first ever satellite shop in Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario! We maintain all types of flooring from carpet and area rugs to hardwood, vinyl, ceramic tile and natural stone. And we clean home and office furniture, including leather and other upholstery fabrics.

We invest in top quality equipment and are continually learning so that we can provide you with the best results possible. Locally-owned and operated, we are committed to our community and the great people who call Ontario home.

When you want the job done right, call Flying Dutchman Cleaning.

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Flying Dutchman Cleaning has the experience and top quality professional equipment to keep your carpets, rugs, tiles and furniture looking its best.

Specialized Area
Rug Cleaning

We designed our shop to optimize the care and cleaning
of area and oriental rugs.
Our comprehensive area rug cleaning process allows us
to treat each rug with the care it deserves. We carefully
evaluate your rug’s fibre type, level of soiling, presence of
pet hair / accidents or pests, and any concerns you may
have. Then we use quality equipment to get the job done
right. From Oriental, Persian and Silks to handwoven and
Dhurries, we’ll clean it with care.

Call Flying Dutchman Cleaning for trusted professional
rug cleaning.

Why People Choose Flying

At Flying Dutchman Cleaning we value your business. Each and every day we put our
expertise, attention to detail and problem solving skills to work for you. Our clients
are confident that their floors and furniture are truly clean and look great.


Our friendly staff and
expert cleaning
technicians will always
respect your time, your
budget and your home or
Group 13


With a history of quality
cleaning services since
1953 and our Call Back
Warranty* we know you’ll
be pleased with the
Group 601


Hot Water Extraction
technology removes
allergens & dust mites
and leaves fibres clean.
*Call back warranty: if you are unsatisfied with the results of any of our cleaning services, just give us
a call within 5 business days of the original service. We will come back and clean it again, for free!

Frequently Asked Questions

We run hoses from the truck to where we’re cleaning, so make sure there’s a spot in the driveway or near a door for us to park. (For condos and apartments, we use a portable machine that doesn’t need the long hoses.)

Move any small or lightweight furniture to another room or area so we can access as much of the carpet as easily as possible. Remove any breakables. We’re careful, but don’t want a hose to inadvertently knock over grandma’s priceless vase!

Sometimes. It depends. Each home is unique and what works in one place may not be what’s needed in the next. We’ll talk with you to understand your needs and wants and then we’ll do what’s best for you. We’re flexible like that.

Professionally cleaned carpet will be dry within 24 hours. Many clients find it’s dry in 4-6 hours. It depends on the weather – the level of humidity – and how well the air is circulating. Turning the furnace or AC fan on will keep the air moving and ensure your carpet dries quickly.

If you need to walk on it right away, just make sure you’re wearing clean white socks or clean light-soled shoes. The natural oils on our skin mean that walking on carpet with bare feet will cause it to get dirty faster.

Carpet manufacturers recommend cleaning with hot water extraction every 6-12 months. This removes deeply embedded soil which wears down the carpet fibres. High traffic areas, or carpet used by pets or children will need to be cleaned more often.

How quickly your favourite chair dries depends on how desperate it was for a cleaning! In other words, the “soil load”, and the type of fibre in its fabric. Furniture typically takes 2-6 hours to dry. If you need to sit on it right away, put down an old, faded towel or beach towel (you don’t want any dye transferring from a bright new towel to your newly cleaned chair) and settle in to catch the game.

The biggest advantage in applying fabric protector (aka “Scotch guard”) is that it gives you more time to get a stain dealt with and blotted off before it sets into the fibres. It’s like “spill insurance” to give you a chance to clean up spills before they set into the fibres and stain the fabric.

If your furniture is linen, you should definitely have protector applied. Linen stains very quickly and so we recommend that linen blends or cotton blends be protected. If you’re not sure what type of fabric is on your upholstery, ask us. We’ll tell you the fibre type and the best way to care for it.

Our standard area rug cleaning process is typically 7-10 days.

Rugs that are flushed take 2-3 weeks. Moth treatment takes 3-4 weeks. Custom alterations vary.

The flush treatment is the ultimate in rug cleaning and care. Rugs are individually immersed in a clean water bath. Continuously flowing water gently but thoroughly washes away deeply embedded debris, soiling and odors. The rug is then hung to dry, then cleaned again using hot water extraction. A flush treatment is often used to remove pet urine or other heavy soiling.

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