Area & Oriental
Rug Cleaning

Deeper. Cleaner. Better.

Our multi-stage area rug cleaning process allows us to treat each rug with the care it deserves. We carefully evaluate your rug’s fibre type, level of soiling, presence of pet hair and accidents or pests, and any concerns you may have. Then we use quality equipment to get the job done right!
What we do:

Our Area Rug
Cleaning Process

Getting your rugs professionally cleaned is essential as regular vacuuming does not remove bacteria, allergens, dirt and stains. Here’s what you can expect when you entrust us to clean your area rugs.

Request A Quote

Call or send us a service request. We'll ask for details like the size of the rug(s), whether they're made with natural or synthetic fibres, and if you have any special concerns like pet stains. We'll give you a cost estimate and let you know when they can be cleaned.

Rug Pickup & Inspection

You can either bring your area rugs into our shop or have our truck pick them up. Pickup and delivery charges apply. We thoroughly inspect the rugs, making note of areas of concern.

Professional Cleaning

Rugs are lattice vacuumed both sides twice, cleaned using the truck-mount hot water extraction equipment, and hung to dry. Large industrial fans and blowers circulate the air for fast, even drying.

Once the rugs are completely dry, we vacuum them again to make sure the pile is just right. After the final inspection, rugs are rolled and bagged, ready to return home.

Why People Choose Flying

At Flying Dutchman Cleaning we value your business. Each and every day we put our
expertise, attention to detail and problem solving skills to work for you. Our clients
are confident that their floors and furniture are truly clean and look great.


Our friendly staff and
expert cleaning
technicians will always
respect your time, your
budget and your home or
Group 13


With a history of quality
cleaning services since
1953 and our Call Back
Warranty* we know you’ll
be pleased with the
Group 601


Hot Water Extraction
technology removes
allergens & dust mites
and leaves fibres clean.
*Call back warranty: if you are unsatisfied with the results of any of our cleaning services, just give us
a call within 5 business days of the original service. We will come back and clean it again, for free!

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